Alternative Cold Remedies

I am fed up with taking tons of over-the-counter tablets.

They all report to magically get rid of your cold symptoms so you can get on with your day.
They're rubbish...they should get sued under the trade description act for falsifying claims.

So instead I have decided to try an alternative cold remedy.
Its a variation of the Old English 'hot toddy' 
Which traditionally was a warm drink containing copious amounts of strong alcohol.

In today's more sophisticated world it would be foolish to think a hot toddy would work on a cold, not forgetting how alcohol effects the body and would hinder the healing process and not help at all. Tsh tsh

My remedy instead is going to be to drink ample amounts of chardonnay wine and to eat a painfully hot curry. 
I shall sweat this virus out whahaha

I shall let you know tomorrow if its worked.x


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