Spooky child ???

When my daughter was aged about 8, she used to love playing on the beach and making pictures in the sand, during our summer holidays.
She never got bored - we did! 
We used to have to bribe her to come off the beach, '7 hours is enough dear, honest'
One day, she had spent absolutely ages on one of her 'works', when we finally were allowed to see her artistic creation, she proudly showed off a circle of stones.
"Where did you get that idea from?" I asked her
"dunno, it was just in my head."

My husband and I shot looks to each other and later agreed never to mention it again.ha ha
It worried us because we thought it showed an amazing likeness to Stonehenge.
I have never checked to see if its an actual close resemblance because I'm too much of a wimp.
Come On!!!!!!! It would be too spooky, she had never been there and they weren't studying it at school - I checked.


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