Planning - Yeah right

At the start of last week I vowed to have written the mass majority of the first book I'm bringing out.
Seven days later, I sit here and I have completely failed....
You can action plan everything, except life, can't you? for me,there just wasn't enough hours in the day

The rah rah gang will be shouting "rubbish, boo, you obviously didn't want it enough, you weren't strict have the same amount of hours in the day as Michelangelo had" 

My reply is this: 
yeah but I bet Michelangelo didn't have 2 teenagers and 1 husband to care for and he didn't have to plan, shop and cook every meal for the whole family, along all the other bloody jobs in each and every day that I had do to - so...shut...up!

I have nearly written the book , its just that its in my head and not on paper.
whatever !!

You see in the remit of coaching, if a client hadn't completed a pre-agreed action plan - a good coach would try an ascertain why not?
Was it perhaps an avoidance tactic, was the action not in line with their true desire, did they not have enough resources such as, confidence to complete the action?

Truth is - Its all a load of crap - mainly due to life.
If you had the luxury of only having to worry about you and only you, most action plans would be completed easily.

But you can't envisage every event that needs your attention and that is going unfold in front of your eyes. 
Unless your psychic and then you really have no excuses, do you?

My view is this: 
I  haven't failed - during every event that has taken precedent to my writing this week, I have actually handled beautifully. I did well. I am a legend. I cope.

Failure is in the eye of the beholder - and a stroppy life coach.


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