Our House

We held a party for our son's 17th birthday, this weekend.
Is it just me, but doesn't your house look lovely just prior to a party?

You put all your junk away, well it's not so much my junk, as the kids junk.
Two teenagers would send a minimalist into a full on nervous breakdown.
According to my children, I should get off their case and they're not untidy but messily organised!
Whats the diff?
Excuses dear hearts - now tidy up!

The house was sparkly from top to top - Well, as sparkly as its ever going to get - 3 long years of meticulous cleaning to ensure minimum germs for the child that had no immune system, has sort of made me allergic to excessive cleaning - there are SOOOO many more enjoyable things to do with your time.

But the sad part is, I am writing this after spending all day trying to get the house back to any barely acceptable standard. 

Day-after-party syndrome
How can 'nibbles' that were nicely arranged on a table, manage to get all the way up stairs and be crushed into the bathroom floor?
And how can there be so many drinks marks on furniture? I had nice respectable people over, not animals.

My dishwasher has started making grumbling noises due to excessive toil - or come to think about it, it could have been me making the noises.

Anyhoo, parties are like child birth - you say never again, but it isn't too long before you've forgotten the pain and are happily planning the next.


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