New Years Resolutions

Happy & a Healthy New Year -
Let's get down to business - 
At this time of year, everywhere you look there are people falling over themselves to offer help and advice on how to achieve your new year resolutions - 
Lose weight, quit smoking, change jobs, move house etc

My advice is very simple - Don't Do It
Don't set new years resolutions. 
Years ago I think they served a purpose - New Year fresh start, lets think about what you want to achieve this year.
Now I think they are nothing more than a loosely disguised marketing ploy.
There are shed loads of magazine and paper articles on how to change, every washed up soap star brings out an exercise DVD and the TV is filled with slimming clubs promotions. Life coaches will be positively salivating at the thought of all the extra revenue (clients) that will be rushing to their door.
My advice is just wait.
By all means think about what you would like to improve or change but that's it, just think.
Don't get sucked into the shiny, false promises. Flat belly in two weeks ! The reports of diets that allow to eat anything to want and still lose 14 lb a week without being hungry - Really?

The marketers always want us to look forward whilst planting a little underlying fear-based essence - "You don't want to get left behind do you? Summer holiday season will soon be upon us, better work towards that bikini figure now.... "
We've all just had the hectic Christmas period - busy, busy, busy - January should be a time to relax, reflect and enjoy some peace and calm.
Any change or improvement happens best when your really focused on the end result - a lot of people start coaching not really knowing what they want - they just know they want 'different'. 
Your wasting you time and money if you haven't really thought through what you actually want - That's what January should be used for.
If you need to have a New Years Resolution ready for when friends and work colleagues ask- Use this one:

I resolve to not set any knee jerk resolutions this year and to not be a puppet for the marketing industry.x


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