I've become a burglar

We had to go to MIL's house, last week, to tidy up and gather some personal things for the hospital for her. 
She obviously isn't coming home for a while so we cleared out the fridge, threw perishable foods out, dealt with the post and sorted the bins.
Isn't it weird going into someones home, that you're used to regularly going to, when their not there?
I started clearing the kitchen which was a bit like revisiting a crime scene. 
We couldn't help but try to put the pieces together of what she must have been doing when the stroke occurred. Well, she was definitely half way through a chocolate biscuit because it was still on the sideboard. Strange.

Then we had to go and 'raid' all her drawers and units in every room.
It didn't help that I had decided to wear a black and white stripped t shirt - this wasn't a fashion statement rather then a 'I cant be bothered to iron anything else' statement. 
But had I put on a black mask and added a swag bag, I would have definitely looked dressed for the part.
There has been a spate of burglary's in her area and we didn't want to distress her any further by having to tell her that all her 'treasures' had been taken.
Treasures is meant in sentimental terms because there isn't anything of any monetary value in her home but that wont stop the mindless bastards idiots from ransacking it.

But how do you decide what equates to someone else's personal treasures? I can tell you, its really hard.
We took the jewellery box and all other little boxes we could find (old lady type brooches etc) we took her late husbands few pairs of cuff links and his watch.
We were going to take her pictures but would have needed a fork-lift truck to get them from her house to ours. Plus I don't think that burglars can sell photos so they shouldn't be too at risk.

We came out with only two bags. Now I'm sure if we could ask her, she would mention loads of things that are precious to her, but left to our own devises, we floundered.
Hopefully she wont get burgled and if she does, I am praying the description of the burglar isn't:
a blond lady wearing a black & white stripped t-shirt.


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