I am soooooo old init

I am living proof that there is nothing older nor sadder than a woman with teenagers.
Its hard enough keeping up with their growth spurts, moods swings and changes in their education.
Actually, I can handle all of that.

But what distresses me most is that I cant keep up with changes in language.
I say normal everyday words that, apparently, now mean something funny in teenage 'speak' and they use words that are totally bizarre to describe everyday events.
I have tried using their words just to be funny and well, truthfully, I sometimes use their words just to annoy them - such as "put your clothes away booyaka" 

Which generally gets the big sigh accompanied with the roll of the eyes and "mum you're soooo sad" type response. (which makes me laugh) 
Yes, yes I never said I was an angel, whahahaha

Seriously though, I have to say that this problem of mine is escalating - 
Yesterday, I joined Twitter (link to follow) and I absentmindedly asked my son to ask his friends to 'twat me' to see if it works.
He began rolling around the floor in unadulterated mirth. 
"What's so funny?" I asked feeling a bit peeved, as I had just spent ages in their help section trying to learn how to use the damn thing.
People, I am not technical!

Anyhoo, he eventually stopped laughing long enough to gleefully tell me that I'd meant 'tweet me' and that 'twat' meant something completely different.
Well I not a complete idiot - I know 'twat' means something bad.
It means someone is a kind of, moronic idiot - I used to use the word in the dark ages when I was a teenager and to 'get twatted' meant to get very drunk.

This stopped him laughing completely and he said to me with extreme concern 
"no mum, it means you want someone to hit you" 
A pantomine of "oh no it doesn't", "oh yes it does", type conversation ensued
and I gave up saying, it was generally not a very nice word and we would have to agree to differ on what it meant.
"So would you please ask your friends to tweet me" I continued
"Don't be stupid ...my mates tweeting.... you that's just sick"

But sick means good so.....What???? 

I'm left wondering,is that a yes or a no?....................


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