Husbands Reply

For the sake of matrimonial harmony, I have decided to allow my husband the right to reply to my previous post.

He states that he is shocked, neigh, appalled at the level of suspicion I indicated in my previous post.
He argues that the children like take-aways and he is doing me a service as it gives me a rest from cooking.

He also states that when a cook is as good as me, it would be very difficult for him to achieve my level of greatness. 
(What a creep, but go on....)

On the subject of 'acting dumb' as he suggests I implied toward him, he would like to counter the argument with the mention of cars.

He requested to know that if I am as clever as I say I am (and I am) 
why do I always ask 'does my car take petrol or deisel' when my car needs refuelling?

He feels the question is executed in the full knowledge that he will always say 'shall I go and fill it for you?' and I then, proceed to let him.
He adds that I also have no idea how to put air in the tyres or even how to open the bonnet.

In closing, he declares that if there is any skulduggery in our relationship, it apparently cuts both ways.

For the record: I wish to state that I have no idea what he is talking about.
But for the sake of fairness, I shall be willing to agree to disagree.
(especially as my car needs petrol, oops fuel). 


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