Don't lose the music

I was feeling a little glum today. 
Nothing serious just a minor dose of woe is me's. 
MIL remains the same poorly person, our family schedule is filled with appointments and got to go 'here', be 'there'. 
The English weather is awe inspiringly dank - Its freezing cold, dark and drizzling.
Rush, rush, rush, big fat bore............

There's no point being grumpy and I know it could be a whole lot worse so I decided to get some fresh music whilst I was shopping.

I love music, everything from cheesy pop to opera. 
Frank Sinatra and Eminem are two of my favourites. (I often think, if Frank was still alive, they could have done a great duet together haha)

So off to the music section I go, full of excited anticipation about my purchases.

When I got to the music aisle I couldn't find any music that I hadn't already got or that I even recognised.

'Who the hell are these artists? never heard of them' I was muttering to myself
'I just need to find the album chart section then I will be able to choose some good ones' I chuntered on.
Then, I looked up and found the sign that sneered at me the fact that I was already looking at the charts.

'what the...' Oh bloody hell, I have lost my touch on music, where have I been?
I'd better start listening to the radio, or ask the kids.

With no music in my trolley, there was nothing else for it 'where's the chocolate aisle' I thought as I carried on, now not only feeling glum, but glum and old.


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