There must be literally hundreds of books written just on the subject of confidence, and how to get more of it. People talk about confidence as if its some 'magic elixir' that will simply transform your life. Confident people, get more, win more, have better jobs, homes and marriages.

What a load of utter twaddle.
On the whole I've found that naturally confident people are, generally, quite unassuming. There seems to have been a universal mix-up about what confidence is.
When people talk about confident actions, they seem to be describing very forceful actions.
Confidence isn't making everyone around you agree with you - that's a bully.
It isn't about always having to be the centre of attention - those people are needy and over compensating, and it certainly isn't about always winning at everything.

True confidence isn't about what you do, its about knowing whats inside of you.

Confident people don't care if they haven't won this time because there's always next time, they don't have to have people agree with what they're saying nor will they bow down to others .
Confident people 'fail' just as often as everyone one else but inside of giving up, they get back up, learn from their mistakes and try again.

Confident people get nervous and frightened when out of their comfort zone just the same as everyone else, but they still do 'it' anyway.
Authors and coaches talk about learning the techniques and strategies of confident people - learn the walk, talk, body language, posture etc
Please save your time and money.

Just have a quiet word with yourself. 
Deep down inside everyone, is a little part of us that knows we can do it - whatever 'it' is and it also knows we are just a bit brilliant. 
So go and access that part.

And before I go, if you're not confident, ask yourself this:
By not believing in yourself, what has that saved you from doing?
Can you be 100% sure that by telling yourself over and over again 'I'm not confident' you are not actually just hiding behind a big fat excuse to save yourself from trying?"

After all, it isn't the failures we regret, it's the times we didn't try at all, that really haunt us.


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