Another belief bites the dust.

As reported in my previous post, mother in law remains very ill with a bad stroke and now, a chest infection. She is unable to swallow or move any of her left side. She can move her right leg and hold your hand with the right hand. 

This is every persons nightmare. To be so incapacitated that your having to receive complete care of your personal needs from a stranger.
We have been involved in quite a lot of conversations about this, over the years.

Stories are abound which tell the very sad state of care (especially for the elderly) which can range from sad and disgusting to the positively vile and inhumane treatment of them.
These stories compound the fear that we all have about getting old and getting sick.
The elderly especially, feel that they are second class citizens and their health care needs aren't rated in importance because "they've had a good innings - they're a good old age"
I can see their point as we do seem to live in a society that doesn't value the elderly and chose to see them as having great wisdom and life experience but prefers to see them, more often, as a hindrance.

I too shared the belief that be old and get sick would be dreadful. Being incontinent and sitting in a chair all day whilst being ignored by hospital staff would be all that was waiting for me and I did not want to spend my final time on earth being so mistreated.

I have now been able to completely change that belief.
The ward that my mother in law, whilst being massive and full of patients, is wonderful. 
She has had immediate quick tests to establish the severity of her illness.(within 15 minutes of entering hospital)
She has a care team that are fully aware of her existing health conditions as well as these new ones.
But the most important thing for me based on all these previous conversations with her is that she is being treated with all the respect, dignity and gentility that you possibly wish for.
The staff introduce themselves and explain everything they are going to do before they've even touch her. They call her by her first name and ask her permission before they do anything and they continue to explain whats happening as they go along.
She is clean and tidy, her hair is combed, her teeth are brushed, she has her own night clothes on and every member of staff seems to genuinely care.
It such a far cry from the horror stories that you read and see on T.V.

I am quick to complain about our NHS and the treatment we have experienced in the past.
I want to be equally quick to compliment outstanding standards of care when I see them.
If all treatment could be modelled on this ward's behaviour none of us would ever need to worry again.


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