This is for Ben only

Hi fella.
I know your mum reads my blog - so this is just for you, Ben.
I've just heard you've gone into hospital on new years eve - Just like my son did last year.
Difference is - you will be hopefully out tomorrow and back on the road to recovery again.
You are an amazing, strong, young man, a pure fighter just like my lad.
We parents can't imagine how 'pants' it must be, to go through, what you go through,
and we parents would NEVER EVER be as brave as you. 
I definitely would whinge VERY LOUDLY about all the needles - ewwww.

If your not out - we will come and visit and bring bad presents and Pringles, again.

In the meantime here's a picture of Dr Who - 

Who you have recently met - OMG Sooo jealous!!

Chin up and see you soon buddy xxxx


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