Religion, such a contentious subject - my mum and dad always told us as children "never discuss religion or politics with friends" and its great advice. Why fall out with friends over personal views? 
But, I never really had big views on religion until recently, except, your views are your views and as long as they don't effect me - carry on.
Let me share a true story that happened to me.
When my son had just been surprisingly diagnosed with cancer (he was initially admitted to Birmingham Children's Hospital, dying of acute liver problems, they thought he had a virus that was killing him, it turned out to be leukaemia and his liver had tried to 'catch' the cells) very rare. 

Anyway, as we were accustoming to the vile news - families of children already diagnosed with cancer swamped around us - this was lovely - people who knew how we felt and also knew the 'ropes' when it came to treatment and terminology. Newbies are often best helped by experienced parents (a role we've played hundreds of times, subsequently)
A work colleague of mine had bought my son a silver St Christopher to wear- he had just had his central line put in place, and as jewellery poised an infection risk, I wore it for him .
Whilst in our 4 bedder ward, another child's father who was Asian, came over to the sink by our bed to wash his hands, and whilst he was there he and asked me if I was a Christian - I replied that I had been agnostic until my son got cancer and now I was praying like the pope - I felt a little embarrassed, yet he laughed.
He then looked at my son and back at his (who was very seriously ill with cancer relapse) and said -"lets edge our bets - I'll pray for your son, if you'll be willing to pray for mine?" - I was initially shocked yet tried not to show it.
We both stood in silence for a little while and then we smiled and shook hands with tears in ours eyes and said "deal"
He nodded at me knowingly - not the 'knowing' of religion, but the deep 'knowing' of a parent whose child is potentially dying. 
I have saved saying what religion he was because the retribution from his 'faith' would be massive for him.
The truth is - None of us know for sure whats out there - 
Any person, from any religion that wanted to pray for my son, gave me just one response - 
" I am SOOOOO grateful!"
Neighbours across the road from us, came over and actually asked if I would be offended if they prayed for him at their Sikh temple - I said - "yes please and thank you , thank you so much".
My son has had church's, religious and spiritual people across the world pray for him, (and us) which is fantastic and beautiful, and to me encompasses what every true religion is 
Love, compassion and caring for each other.

To every religion - thank you from the bottom of my heart
To every individual person - thank you from the bottom of my heart

To God -  X


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