Smoking Lies

For the past few years I've noticed I have developed a real 'phobia' when it comes to believing what people say. 
I'm not referring to family and friends, I believe them.

No, it's politicians, newspapers, any person whose job title is preceded by the word 'expert' and absolutely any report by the BBC. (Totally biased).

Anyway, I've been doing a bit of research into smoking lately and I just had to share this bit of total hypocrisy with you all.

Cancer Research (UK) reported on 22nd March 2010 that the effects of smoking cost the NHS £2.7 Billion per year.

Wow, that's a lot of money, that could go towards cancer research, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease and a plethora of other 'no fault' diseases.

Every smoker should hang their heads in shame......But wait a minute.

The tobacco manufacturers association also published its 'tax revenue from tobacco' figures.

For the year 2009/2010 the government received £10.5 billion.
For the year 2010/2011 the government received £11.1 billion
(their website is

So, not only do smokers fund their own health care costs BUT this year alone, smokers will be putting an extra £8.4 billion in to this countries 'pot'.

Why lie?

Why doesn't the 'nanny state' government and all those 'aneamic looking' angry little do-gooders, just tell the truth.

"yes, smokers fund their own NHS health care along with a few million non-smokers - thank you to all smokers!, because if you didn't smoke, all of OUR taxes would go up, ha ha ha"

I'm not saying its great to smoke - its not.
Its a nasty vile 'trap.'
I should know, I'm a smoker (soon to be ex-smoker again).

My point is: stop lying to us about everything (not just smoking).
Give us the full information and let us make our own choices, like the intelligent adults we are.

Every packet of cigarettes or tobacco now carries a warning 'smoking kills' followed by a grotesque picture.

Wouldn't it be far more off putting, if the 'excess revenue' point was pushed?

These are my suggestions:
       Smoking Kills
Thank you!
Because we no longer need
to worry about your pension.
The Government thanks
you for smoking.
We can now pay our MP's
personal expense claims.
We don't really care whether
you live or die - we just want
your taxes.
The Prime Minister is going
to Florida,
The MP's are going to Dubai,
And YOU, the smoker has
paid for it,
But your just going to die.
Smoking causes impotency.
But you smell, have yellow
teeth and you wheeze, so it
was never going to be a
problem was it?

Sorry, that last one was just for laughs.x


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