What can you see?

You've all heard of ink blot pictures right?
If not, they are ink splodges on paper that Psychologists use in tests - your perception of the ink blot is recorded and then analysed later by the shrink.
Sounds scary to me because your perception is just that - Your perception.

Any ho... I love clouds, blue sky's and puffy little white clouds make me feel calm and happy. (yes, I'm easily pleased)
But these sweet little clouds have caused a controversy in my household today.

So much so, I took a picture of this cloud formation

I can see Yosemite Sam with his hat askew, on the left of the picture, with a dragons heads to the right, coming underneath him.

"I wandered lonely as a cloud" is William Wordsworth's famous quote.

"Your as nutty as a fruitcake" was my hubby's quote.

What can you see?


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