Free Life Coaching Tip No 2 – Self Solutions

A few weeks age I posted: free life coaching tip no.1
Which basically, was to keep a journal about your life – likes, dislikes, wants etc.
So by now you should have a clearer picture of what you really want out of life. I’m now going to pass on the next step and how to move towards getting these ‘wants’.

When most people are asked ‘what they want out of life’ they usually answer “I don’t know”
This is rubbish, we all know what we truly want out of life but we avoid the question or answer vaguely because we’ve quickly changed it in our heads to “what do we think we CAN achieve out of life”

What we want and what we settle for are usually miles apart. It’s a very sad fact that most people will live a boring, low level existence because they are too afraid to 'go for it' and fail.

So, what's the difference between someone who achieves greatness and someone who doesn’t?

Money, amazing intellect, an expensive education or maybe good looks?

The answer is nothing ……there is no difference between you and the person at the top of their game.
We have all heard stories about people who have fought horrendous adversities in their lives and have gone on the achieve greatness in whatever field they have wanted to. So lack of money, education, looks etc is generally a smokescreen and excuse not to try.

This should be a good realisation to you! Nothing is stopping you, well, except maybe one thing – your attitude to ‘you’

The single most important step to any victory, you can take for yourself, is to learn to manage your mind and what it repeatedly 'tells' and 'shows' you, about yourself.

‘Self talk’ isn’t a new concept, by any means, but it is crucial to understand it and start unearthing it in your day to day existence.

We all ‘talk’ to ourselves! Maybe it’s in pictures or maybe it’s a voice. It doesn’t matter how it talks, it’s what it says that important.

Chances are the ‘voice’ is like mine and is horrible, I think of it as a monster.
If I was to believe my monster voice, I would believe: I am a complete stupid, thick, idiot who can’t do or say anything right.

I admit, I do suffer occasional bouts of ‘foot in mouth’ disease – I speak before I think, but I’m not malicious. I don’t enjoy hurting people, far from it. I make mistakes because I’m not perfect and no one is.
But I'm certainly not ‘bad’ as my monster would have me believe.

Your monster will also do all it can to keep you from making changes in your life. It seems that the monster is designed to keep you in the same place and striving for nothing – think of a new job and it will start showing images of ‘how awful it will be’ because “you don’t make friends easily, remember school, those kids didn’t like you and it will be the same now.”
“Or remember the time you stood up at school to read out your essay and everyone laughed at you” etc etc etc.
It will ‘show’ you future disappointments and past cringe-worthy failures as long as you let it.

Awareness is the first and most important key. Simply catch your ‘monster‘ saying or showing something negative, ‘Thick, stupid, nerd’ whatever!
Then replace it with a statement you’ve set out.

And no, I don’t mean affirmations.
Affirmations are ok but when your monster is in control, just saying “I am valuable, worthy and beautiful” will have your monster on its back laughing its head off – this is because it too far away from the ‘truth’ as you see it, at this minute.
Something simple but firm like “that’s not me now”, “I am better than this” or “I’m not that kid anymore” whatever feels strong and believable. 

Remember: Thoughts have no power unless you choose to believe them.

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself, that you are talented, special and you do have something brilliant to offer the world. There is a little part of you that ‘knows’ this, but the ‘monster’ is just sitting on it right now.

The mind is a creature of habit so, just change the habit.

Keep looking at your journal, keep developing ideas and plans, get excited, its gonna happen! –  once you’ve ‘tamed the monster’.

Keep putting the 'monster' back in its place. There's a time to be safe and a time to move forward. Don't hold yourself back.


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