Whiny little baby

I've been ill - nothing major just a stupid virus but enough to put me out of action for a few days. Now this shouldn't have been a real problem. A couple of days with my feet up, watching T.V. and catching up on some reading.
Yea, sounds OK ?


I flew into a semi-psychotic rage, at myself I hasten to add, well actually at my body for daring to let me down just when I had got both the kids back to school after a long and tedious summer holiday (mostly filled with hospital stays).

We were a couple of weeks into my son's remission and all was well with my world - For the first time in three long years I had some time to myself and silence ! Ahh sweet, sweet silence
then, I got ill - Way to go Sars!! 

Suddenly I found myself back on the very same settee that I had been sitting on taking care of my son for years.
"OK OK" my little life coach voice kicked in (because I still haven't quite managed to shake off the cult type training I had to endure to qualify as a coach)
"this is the perfect opportunity to get some of those small to-do jobs done" it wittered on.

So I looked at my to-don't list (I think it should be called this because we don't need lists to do something we really WANT to do, like open wine or go shopping)
I chose to watch the shows I'd got recorded on the 'tv box thingy'. 
Now, is this just me, but have you realised too, that if you haven't watched something you've recorded within 2 weeks then you probably didn't really want to watch it in the first place? 

I ended up just deleting hours of crap like old documentaries about sperm whales and the decreasing ice caps
' I don't care - I'm ill. I feel about as concerned about the environment as B.P. does'
Next on the list then was 'cleaning the computer '.
As if I don't have enough to bloody clean. What with myself, the house, the car, the kids and the rabbit, now the bloody computer wants in on the act!
Still, I logged on and tried to delete some old programs and files in the tiny hope that this would speed the damn thing up a bit.
In the computers defense it is a little out of date.
It's a tower type computer that I can't actually remember which year I bought it in -
I mean, I know nowadays a 'tower' is the equivalent to a zimmer frame and incontinence knickers for humans, but I do like the old thing.

Eventually, I gave up on the computer and thought 'Ive got to have achieved something today' so I decide to defrost the freezer.
It was a bit over due, I'd had it over 3 years and last defrosted it ......em?
So I began throwing out the old food.
There was so much lose veg in the drawers  I could have made a casserole, but no, that hit the bin. Closely followed by over half a drawer full of various flavours of ice lollies that obviously the kids didn't like. 
Nearer to the back of the freezer I found some tupperwares. After I eventually prized the lids off with a knife (I was so not in the mood for this) it was a bit of a shock.
I didn't remember even cooking a meal that looked like that, let alone saving a portion.

When I eventually finished I had a rather impressive bucket of ice. The last time I saw that much ice it had a bottle of champagne nestled in the middle of it.

The kids then came home from school 'whats for tea?' they yelled,
'what happened to hello?' I grumbled 'yeah I've defrosted something, its on the side and if you can name it, you can have it'

Ha ha, my first smile of the day xx


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