Virgin Blogger

I feel as though I've been away from the world for a very long time. Well, the real world as we call it.

My world for the past 4 years has revolved around endless hospital visits, hospital stays and copious amounts of cleaning up cytotoxic vomit (cancer jargon for vile chemo sick ).

I haven't had too much contact with the outside world, partly because my son has had no immune system and I preferred people to stay away rather than give him any germs and partly because as I went through this 'journey' (God, I hate that saying - journeys are nice, trips to far flung shores with new sights and experiences - cancer is a roller coaster ride to hell) anyway,I slowly began to realise people generally really, really annoy me.

So to help me with my endeavor of writing a book about 'my shit life' I decided to learn to blog and to read other peoples. At least I will be having some human interaction, albeit without actual talking - Perfect! 

I have already found some really funny blogs and some that are, well, downright bizarre. But still I happily signed one up for myself.

But Wow - its bloody confusing. The jargon itself leaves me cold and constantly googling meanings, for example, I thought dashboards were only on cars, a blog spot sounds like something you need to urgently show the doctor and a blog roll sounds....well... just wrong.

But anyway, here I am with my 'virgin' post -
I must say its quite nice to be 'virgin' at anything at the age of 40.
I mean normally by this age we've not only 'been there, done that and got the t-shirt' - but the t-shirt is so old its faded, don't fit anymore and has been put in the bin.

Well, that's all for now, I'm off to get a handle on social networking - not that I can honestly say I fancy it much - I don't know what the general etiquette is but when some idiot announces to the world that they've just eaten an apple, am I allowed to comment - 'I couldn't give a rats ass'?


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