So, what's this blog about then?

With this blog I do solemnly declare to pass on some of the useful wisdom I have found along the way during ‘my shitty little life’.

I will be using this blog to practise for the book I’m writing (hopefully) and also just trying to have a bit of fun.

Life is way too difficult and short to take everything so seriously. I have lived in and out of children’s cancer wards for the last 3 years.
I have seen the most terribly sad things happen, then I come home to see some mindless drivel on TV, like an actress moaning about having a few wrinkles OMG!

People need a reality check and quick, so I shall dutifully be trying to oblige on that note.

I will also be offering FREE life coaching tools and tips to anyone one who wants to use them (yes, I said free).

I know there’s already a wealth of books, advice on TV and the Internet from very well meaning, educated people. Every one of them wishing to pull us out of our ‘life slumps’, all offering various sorts of magic keys, formulas and solutions, to enable us to have the positive, fun filled life of our dreams….

The problem is everything has a price and normally comes with tedious marketing lingo, “only £49.95 for the magic, secret, cookie formula to change your life in 2 hours" blah, blah, blah.

But even then, there doesn’t seem to be one clear, concise way of picking our selves up after a serious ‘life’ knock down, so I shall be trying a few different methods on myself and passing on the good ones to you all.

(And by the way, I mean serious, not the perpetually whining ‘every silver lining has a cloud’ type person) I’m referring to the times when it doesn’t matter why you’ve been knocked down; it’s just that you’re not sure you can be bothered to get back up again.

And no, I’m definitely not a member of the 'rah rah’ gang anymore, in fact the “there’s nothing you can’t do” brigade make me want to say a heart felt and mighty "oh do me a favour and just fuck off, will ya?"

As for me, well I’m very fat, forty, I smoke (not in my house. I am that person hanging out of the back door trying to save her precious ‘fag’ from getting wet -- well, this is England),  and I drink (well, to be fair its not the drinking that’s a problem, its sobering up I hate)

but worst of all, I have lost my happy ‘safe’ beliefs, such as: life is fair, bad things don’t happen to good people, nice people do win..etc etc

So anyway, if you’ve had a life knock down and your serious about getting back up or if you just want a bit of a laugh at life – then stick with me kiddo!


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