Free Life Coaching Tip No1: Find yourself, not another Guru

One of my aims is to provide free life coaching info to anyone who wants it. I no longer have a life coaching practise because I had to give it up to care for my son during his gruelling cancer treatment and now...well ...basically, I would probably be far too mean and demanding with my clients. 

One of the side effects from my living in cancer wards is that I have the 'tolerance of a knat' when it comes to people whinging about, well, nothing!
Nothing really important anyway. 
But I do have a lot of knowledge to pass on and here's the start.

The ‘self-help’ section in bookshops, on T.V. and online, drive me nuts. It’s such a contradiction in terms. It should never be called ‘self-help’ because, your not looking to yourself for help, you’re looking for someone else to help!
So, ok let’s call it self-improvement instead…although I still hate that because it makes our lives sound like grubby kitchens that need redecorating…oh, as if it was THAT easy!! Any hoo.

If you find yourself in one of these sections chances are you’re a little dissatisfied with your lot in life (no shit Sherlock, I hear you cry)
But, before I start I just want to set the record straight here – I don’t hate self help gurus’ – Anthony Robbins, Dr Phil, Louise Hay and Napoleon Hill are amongst the many authors I do respect. I have read literally hundreds of excellent self help books. They are very kindly sharing, sometimes quite amazing and powerful tools to provide you with that kick up the bum that you think you need.

However, what I do hate is that people around the world are trying to solve whatever is wrong in their lives, with what has worked for the author’s lives. It’s a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy in a world full of diverse and unique individuals.
What often happens is, when the first book doesn’t do it, you move on the seminar, it may have been great seminar but it still hasn’t done the trick , so you go and choose another book, ‘maybe the updated version will be better’ you say to yourself.

All of a sudden you have too many different strategies running around your head and you’re left wondering even more now ‘what’s wrong with me? Why haven’t any of these strategies worked?’
So if this is you ….Stop….Stop Right Now!
Step away from the book and I’ll give the 1st and simplest tool to start moving forward ---For free.

Get a diary or journal and start writing down EVERYDAY how you feel, what you like about your life and the people, places in it and what you hate.

(Yes! It’s that simple)

Do not mindlessly list down “I went the to shops, ate a sandwich for lunch and watched football on TV”
No, you can leave that boring nonsense for face book and twitter!
Write about thoughts, feelings, likes, dislikes and what you really and truly want from life, and above all, be honest.
Within a few weeks you will have had some really interesting insights that you can start acting on.
Write your diary on paper or on your computer etc whatever suits you but the most important thing is: it’s private. For your eyes only, and if you live in an environment where you worry you might not be able to keep your diary private, then I don’t have to be an amazing self help guru to figure out that you are living with overbearing, psychotic bunny boilers.

The last thing is this: simple doesn’t always mean easy – you may find this task harder than you think, your mind will probably come up with a million excuses NOT to write in your diary today, just try and do it, I'll be posting more free tips for you to use (if you want to) and the diary info will prove useful to you.  xx


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