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The First Weekend Away Alone.

We've been a very close little family I realise when I look back. 
Kev and I never left the kids at all when they were small (which was only yesterday by the way).
Bloody hell, I've turned into my Nan "life will pass you by in a flash, you mark my words" she'd say repeatedly. Well I didn't Nan, and you were right, it sure did.
We'd had only one night away without the children. Yes, I know its absolutely ridiculous but it was never intended to be that way, we were always going to plan something but life got in the way, what with work etc. Brett's long illness and numerous hospital stays meant we were split up from each other a lot but we were always with one of the children. I'd leave the Brett at the hospital to go and spend some time with Poppy.  The only person I rarely saw was Kev. We literally spent months without being in the same house together at the same time. 
People used to ask us 'How did we do it? How did our marriage survive?'  Truth …

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